Our whole programme is designed by professionals who are not just clinical experts, but also educational experts.   

This means that we have a thorough understanding of not only what clinical content our students need, but also the best way to deliver it to ensure maximum engagement and maximum retention.


We have achieved this by splitting the modules into bite sized chunks, ensuring that there is relatable context to the learning with direct application to clinical practice and allowing learners from all over the world to interact with one another to create a classroom feel.

Our team are well travelled and understand the unique challenges that exist in low and middle income parts of the globe. This means that our programme is tailor made to work in areas of low connectivity and unpredictable wifi as well as being compatible across a range of devices.


Our content will automatically switch to low bandwidth versions when needed, saves learners’ latest comments and assessments onto their device until they can be properly uploaded when connectivity resumes as well as moving seamlessly between smartphones and laptops to cater for different device usage.

We know that being exposed to so many different clinical guidelines can be confusing for our learners, so we have based our programmes on international guidelines where possible, meaning that our learners are always being taught to the highest global standards. 


Take a tour through the rest of the Global Classroom to learn more about the features of our e-learning that make us the best option for supporting the global nursing and midwifery workforce.